At the beginning of May there is the 'shoburo' tea event at the time of the change from hearth to brazier (furo). We will make "Haigata" in the brazier. It sometimes takes several hours to complete. We don't even tell " This is complete." To make perfect "Haigata" takes long term practice.


Good Furo-Bai (Good Furo-Ash)--- It is the most important. Most of seriouus tea practiconers make their own in summer time. Aged Hai is beautiful color and smooth.

Furo (Braziel) (風炉)& Haigata (灰形)

Kiriawase (切り合わせ)-- Ichimonnji bei (一文字灰)

Do-an (道安) --Marubai (丸灰)

Houo (鳳凰) -- Ichimonji bai (一文字灰)


Haisaji )Ash spoon) (灰匙)


Gotoku (Iron three pod) (五徳)

Gotoku osier (五徳台)

Nyubachi (Morter) 乳鉢

Dude (Brush) (筆)

Turn table (Lazy suzans)


Set up Gotoku (for Marubai)

Check the high between Furo and Kama to see if the kettle sits straight and perfectly centered in the Furo.