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911 Memorial Chakai at Globus Washitsu

世界リレーシップ茶会 at Globus Washitus in Manhattan. Photographs from our 911 Memorial Chakai at Globus Washitsu.

It was a special, poignant and peaceful moment. About 20 guests share the time.

Stephan Globus asked everyone where they were at that time of this event. Downtown, midtown, Japan, Belgium, etc.... I was at my previous apartment in Jersey City, just across the Hudson river. I was saw the second air plane crash into the tower.

I offered tea for 911 victims and remembered the victims of 311 tsunami tragedy as well. An un-whisk of matcha was offered to the gods and spirits in the tokonoma. All of us prayed in silence.

Hoping it never happen again.

Thank you very much for everyone who came here today. Proceeds of this event were contributed to Japan Society’s Relief Fund.

Thank you very much Ms 横倉 久美子 (Kumiko Yokokura). We are honored to join the hanging scroll relay of Sekai chakai .

Deep bow to the scroll " Ikka goto wo hiraku" by Jitsuzan Toda.Daitokuji Daiji-In.

I will pass this scroll today to next tea teacher in Manhattan for its next venue.

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